sk printbroker meets a market requirement which results from three factors that have emerged in the graphic arts panorama in recent years:

• The large variety of printing products.

• The increased cost of specialised equipment.

• The impossibility of a single company to specialise in all areas of work in an optimal manner.

These factors, together with our broad knowledge of the sector gained through extensive experience, enables our team of professionals to reduce the cost of printing projects and to secure important savings for your company: Simply by directing each project to the right place.

Thanks to our professionalism, experience and profound understanding of the sector, sk printbroker enables you to compete in a complete catalogue of products, always attaining the best prices and the best quality. sk printbroker puts all of the most modern and efficient pieces of equipment and technology at your disposal for each one of your printing projects – a feat which is impossible to achieve by using only a single printing company, given the degree of specialisation that exists today and the need for continuous investment that this entails.

Additionally, we provide an extremely quick and flexible service which can be adapted to suit all kinds of projects. We can work in accordance with each customer and project, and we are capable of supplying express orders, even within a period of 24 hours. Although companies like sk printbroker are brand new in Spain, they have been operating successfully and at a lower price than renowned printing houses for years in other countries, such as the USA, Sweden and the UK. In the USA alone, the Printing Brokers International Association (PBBI) already has 27,000 members.

We put the most modern and advanced technologies at your disposal in order to guarantee optimal results for your projects

More than 35 years of experience guarantees our profound knowledge of the sector and enable us to achieve the best prices

Our operations are submitted to permanent controls and are supervised at every stage by our specialised personnel

We offer greater flexibility and speed for your projects and we can complete express orders within 24 hours